Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

This Offer Expires in 48 hours....

Hey Monkees!

We just wanted to inform you that in 48 hours from
now we will increase the single full submission to
100 sites. Currently it is only $2.99 so if you want to
submit a URL to 100 sites at the cheapest price ever,
make sure you act now!

To submit a URL to 100 sites before we increase the
price, log in and go to this page:


We will also increase the price again in the future. This
feature is so popular that we have no other choice!
However if you want to submit more than just one URL
to 100 sites, then you should definitely upgrade to
Premium for a low fee of $47 (Lifetime).

As a Premium Member you can submit up to 3 URLs to
100 sites every single day! You can either upgrade
by paying the $47 fee or by referring 12 members to
SocialMonkee. In both cases, your account will be
automatically upgraded to Premium (Lifetime)!

To upgrade to Premium, log in and go to this page:


Thanks for your support! We hope you enjoy using
SocialMonkee as much as we do! Up to 3 URLs to 100
sites every day... That's 300 backlinks every day,
2,100 every week... for life!

Colin Klinkert
& The SocialMonkee Team

P.S. - Did you know we can also build a social
bookmarking site for you? For a low fee, OR free if
you sign up to HostGator through our affiliate link!


That's a free site with content automatically added,
and you can of course add your ads and make money
from it! Hurry up! There are only a few spots left...

To Stop Getting Admin Mails for SocialMonkee, you should
login, and click 'stop getting newsletter' from your profile
page, or simply delete your account from the same page:

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