Sabtu, 05 November 2011

Premium Members Only - Is This Better Than SocialMonkee?

Hi... It's Colin,

I am sending you a quick email as a Premium member
to let you know two cool things.

But first, I would like to apologize for the delays
you may have recently experienced. We are in the
process of upgrading to dedicated servers to get all
the sites back online.

We are now spending thousands more on hosting every
month and are working around the clock to get it all
back. All submissions in a queue will be processed.
It is now 'just' a matter of time and we expect our
upgrades to be completed within 7 days.

In the meantime...

My friend and awesome software creator, Andy Fletcher
has created a Windows desktop tool that you run and
it builds hundreds of social backlinks, much like the
ones SocialMonkee creates for you.

Check it out asap because it is on a short launch
special of $1 for a 7 day trial and will become $39.95
a month very soon:

BUT - Here is the next cool bit of news. SocialMonkee
has an Elite member level and it is a 1-time only
investment of $57 for our current Premium members
(like you!)

This allows you to submit to 150 sites, as well as
schedule your submissions (up to 45 at once) with
our interactive calendars... so you never miss another
submission. Check all the great features and upgrade

So which one is better? Well they both build social
backlinks, but they are still different. SocialMonkee
is all sites controlled by us, and so they are not
'spammed'... and are only used by SM members to boost
their rankings and get their links indexed. We have
also set all our sites to 'do-follow' to pass on the
juice to your links...

That is a huge advantage. The other is that it is only
a 1-time investment (for the moment, we might change
that in the near future, so upgrade soon if you want
the massive power our top member level brings).

Digi Traffic Accelerator (Andy's software) allows you
to reach even more sites, and unlimited access... the
price is also lower, but is a small monthly investment
(even though it is still amazing value as it gives
awesome results)...

So my answer is, if you can afford it and are serious
about building many backlinks and getting top rankings,
by getting both, you will totally cover the social
bookmarking part of your SEO! :)

SocialMonkee Elite Upgrade:

DigiTrafficAccelerator ($1 Trial):

To Your Success in Your Top Rankings Quest,

Colin Klinkert
Founder of SocialMonkee

P.S - I use both and they have helped contribute to
me getting #1 rankings on terms searched millions of
times a month... Don't limit yourself, your competition

P.P.S - The launch period ends on Tuesday so make sure
you act now before the price increases!

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