Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

New Year Special: Get a Free Social Bookmarking Site

Dear Fellow Monkee,

First, I'd like to take the opportunity to wish you
a Happy New Year! For this occasion, we prepared a
New Year Special Offer for you: another chance to get
a Free Social Bookmarking Site.

We will build it from scratch, create a unique design
and logo design, and plug it in SocialMonkee so it
receives fresh content every day. That's free content
and traffic for you.

You can find all the details here:

The idea here is for you to add text and/or banner ads
to your site and create an additional revenue stream.
It works for us and many others... why not for you!

If you missed out last time (Black Friday), make sure
you take it now as this offer is limited to 3 days or
25 orders (whatever comes first).

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Colin Klinkert
Founder of SocialMonkee

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access to our latest news and updates as well as our
special offers for Facebook friends only!

Thank you!

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