Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

Automate Your Link Building & Skyrocket Your Google Rankings

Hey Fellow Monkee,

Yesterday we sent you an email about a link building
automation plugin called Magic Black Box. Today we
published a blog post with a few tips and suggestions
on how to best use it.

Click this link to read it now:


Magic Black Box has proven to be an effective link
building plugin. It creates automatically backlinks
for you (through syndication), and will save you at
least 1 hour per day on link building tasks.

If you haven't got Magic Black Box yet, you can get
it now by clicking this link:


If you only have 1 blog, you can get a single domain
license for just $10. However if you have more than
1 blog, make sure you get the unlimited domain or
developer license.


To Your Success in Business & Life,

The SocialMonkee Team

P.S. - Here is the link to the blog post again... Make
sure you check it out for tips and suggestions on how
to best use Magix Black Box.


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