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How to use BB FlashBack Screen Recorder

BB FlashBack Help Guides & Videos

Dear BB FlashBack User,

Thanks for downloading BB FlashBack.

You can look forward to making great screen recordings that enhance your website or training materials. Maybe you have already!

Our users tell us they love BB FlashBack's ease of use, but if you're having problems or want to get more out of it, we're ready to help with our step-by-step how-to videos and user guides! Take a look at the links below – you may also want to download and keep the manuals for future reference.

(Note: not all features contained in the guides may be available depending on the version of BB FlashBack you are using).

Our "Getting more from BB FlashBack" page has links to movies, user guides and articles:

The online User Manual, including quick-start and how-to guides (PDF) is here:

Or download them separately:

Quick Start Guide

How To Guide

How-to Videos:

Video 1 - Working With Frames

Video 2 - Tracks and Clips

Video 3 - Changing Volume And Muting

Video 4 - Deleting Sound

Video 5 - Inserting Silence

Video 6 - Removing Background Noise

Video 7 - Fading A Clip In And Out

Video 8 - Adding Sound

Video 9 - Adding Text

Video 10 - Images, Highlights, Arrows and Buttons

Video 11 - Tips For Better Performance Recording

Video 12 - Saving Your Recordings As Flash

Video 13 - Creating Pan and Zoom Effects

Video 14 - Using Autoscroll

Video 15 - Recording From Webcam

Video 16 - Adding Watermarks

Video 17 - Inserting a video file

Video 19 - Scheduled Recording

Video 20 - Cursor Highlighting

Once again, many thanks for choosing BB FlashBack!

Best Wishes,

Mark Haskell.

Blueberry Software Ltd.

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