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Doing video marketing? SocialMonkee now makes it easy...

Hey blogger,

We are all about rankings and traffic at SM and
that is why we continue to add new features to
keep YOU ahead.

Quickest Way To Rank:

Video Marketing is so easy to do that if you are
not doing it yet, you really need to start.

Step 1) Simply make a 30second - 5 minute video,
either a powerpoint or using some free software
like Animoto and upload it to Youtube.

Step 2) Use your main keywords as part of the
title and description and add a link back to your
main website

Step 3) Submit the video to SocialMonkee and
also embed it into the embed section (Ambassador Only)

Step 4) Add it to the SSC (social sharing center,
also for Ambassador members)

Why use the new Embed Feature in SM Submission?:

Did you know that, as an Ambassador member,
you can embed YouTube videos in your social

Getting your video's embedded in lots of sites is
one of the factors that will make your video rank
above the rest, not just in Youtube (world's 2nd
largest search engine remember) but also in

This is a great and easy way to boost your
videos and get them to rank high in Google
for your keywords and phrases.

At SocialMonkee, we have done the work
for you and added an option to embed your
videos in a submission!

All you need to do is to become an Ambassador
member, enter a valid YouTube URL in the
YouTube field on the submission form, choose
to have it embedded in 25 or 50% of your social
bookmarks and... That's it!

"Enable Images To See This Cool Feature"

This is just one of the many features and
benefits you get as an Ambassador member...

Click here to see what other features and
benefits you get and upgrade to Ambassador!

To Your Success in Business & Life,

The SocialMonkee Team

P.S. - In a few days, we will send you another
email with a cool animation video to tell you
about a secret top earners want to keep for
themselves. Make sure you keep an eye out!

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