Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

Even Snakes Love a Ferrari [Awesome, Real Pictures Inside]...

Dear Monkee's,

This first thing I want to share with you has NOTHING
to do with your link building, rankings, or income…


It happened at my house in Australia, my brother who
now runs http://www.greenlightarticles.com/likes/106
took these amazing pictures of a 2m snake in our garage!

Talking about branding though, we should try and
sell the 3rd picture to Ferrari… See where his body
is wrapped around!


Seriously… This is not staged or faked at all, how
cool is that? After checking out the 4 picture sequence
in this blog post, if you liked it, please can you share
it on the social sites like Digg, Reddit, Facebook etc.


Thanks again and hope you think they are as cool as I do!

Now for a small plug on backlinking from a good friend
of mine. He is an SEO expert who provides SEO services,
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he can handle 300 websites only:


He gets results and his rates are great on this offer, so
if you are interested in getting some strong backlinks
then I suggest you check it out.

Other than that, I hope you're having a good 'hump day'
(Slang for Wednesday - or middle of the week)

All The Best in Your Top Rankings Quest,

Colin Klinkert
CEO, SocialMonkee.com

P.S - If you haven't added me yet, please come and
say hi and connect with me on Google Plus (Google+)


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