Senin, 11 Juli 2011

SocialMonkee Plugin Update (Firefox 5) & Cool Bonus

Hey Monkees,

First, I just want to let you know that the SocialMonkee
Plugin is now 100% compatible with Firefox 5.

After upgrading to Firefox 5, make sure you download
the new installation file and re-install the plugin.
You can find the download link in the 'Submit' section
inside the members area.

If you can't see the Monkee's head in Firefox, check that
the plugin was successfully installed (Tools > Add-ons) and
turn the add-on bar on (View > Toolbars > Add-on Bar).

* Bonus for SocialMonkee Members ONLY:

As a bonus, I want to share a couple of training videos
on how to get free, high quality backlinks with you.

The SEO colleague who put those videos together has sold
over 1,000 copies of this method but for the next 72 hours
he has agreed to let me offer them to you as a bonus.

Click here to watch them now:

I highly recommend you take advantage of this before the
page is taken down (in 72 hours from now).

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Colin Klinkert
Founder of SocialMonkee

P.S.: One of the links he got using this method was a
PR5 .EDU link from Harvard, this method is insanely
powerful yet surprisingly simple.

Here is the link again:

If you'd like to stop receiving Admin Emails from
SocialMonkee, log into your account and tick the 'No'
button under 'Subscribed to newsletter' in your profile,
or simply delete your account from the same page:

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