Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

Want to Create 50% More Backlinks Every Day & Resubmit Your Urls?

Hey Monkee's!

How would you like to be able to create 50% more backlinks
every day? Imagine how many more backlinks you could get...

As a Premium Member, you can submit 3 URLs to 100 sites
every day. That's 300 backlinks per day. If you upgrade to
Elite, you will be able to submit 3 URLs to up to 150 sites
every day. That's 450 backlinks per day!

Read enough? Click here to upgrade...

As an Elite Member you will also be able to schedule up to
45 submissions, and resubmit URLs. We will also ping your
backlinks for you so you don't have to do it anymore.

As an Elite Member you can also receive email notifications
when your submissions are completed. You can also choose
the number of sites you want your URL to be submitted to.

Finally, you will be able to promote this Elite offer to
other members so you can earn 40% commissions on every Elite
referral you make!

Want to upgrade now? You can for a low one-time investment
of $57 only... for a lifetime account:

There are NO recurring fees. All memberships are lifetime
memberships, which means you will NOT be rebilled.

Still not convinced? Here are a few testimonials...

"It's insane man, I am not sure if you know this or not,
but I did a ViralinBox review on my blog a few days ago,
I was sitting around page 2 on Google. I then submitted
to SocialMonkee, it started climbing and it is now sitting
at #4 on page 1 for the term "ViralinBox" at least on my
connection here in Chile. Love SocialMonkee man great job!"

"Great work developing SocialMonkee... Already in two
days, my site is now on the first page of Google for the
keyword and moving up! Thanks and I am looking forward
to exploiting the Monkee!"

"Make a Monkee out of me... I WAS a non-believer at first
but these AWESOME additions and the results I'm getting
on several sites has turned me around. I love it when a
plan comes together... and keeps getting stronger."

What are you waiting for? Upgrade now and start building
hundreds more backlinks to your pages!

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Colin Klinkert
Founder of SocialMonkee

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