Rabu, 21 Agustus 2013

blogger, where are you?

We want you to be a part of our most exclusive
SocialMonkee Membership...

Hi blogger,

Yesterday we let you know about a limited sale
we have for our top membership level.

Well the clock is ticking, so we wanted to send
you one more reminder in case you got distracted
or were still thinking about it.

Check out this awesome offer now...

What we have decided to do is focus on social
signals a lot more, as they are becoming much
more important for ranking.

We have hundreds of your fellow members in
our Ambassador group who are using our system
to get their content  shared by other members,
and we would like you to join us.

There is a 5 minute video showing our 'Social
Sharing Center' as well as the other benefits of
Ambassador, so check that out and decide if
this is for you or not, before this offer expires.

To Your Success in Business and Life,

The SocialMonkee Team

P.S - We have hundreds of members paying
more than double
and are super happy with
the value they are getting...

...It's like investing in a 5 month membership
and getting 12 months instead!

Join our private group right now

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We use OAP to handle our permission email list. We reply
to all emails personally. We value your trust and will never
share your details with anyone. Thank you for your support.

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If you wish to stop receiving our emails or change your subscription options, please Manage Your Subscription
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