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It's time you considered this...

Hey Fellow Monkee,

You're receiving this email because you haven't
joined the Ambassador club yet. You are
missing out... Big time!

let me explain why...

The SEO landscape has changed over the past
few years, and that's why we created this
new membership level.

You need to be building generic text links with
more random titles and not using your exact anchor
texts. You should also submit your other urls and
not only your main site (sites that link to your main
site), & most important, you need some strong
social signals from the best sites on the web with
other people sharing your content (read below)

Here is what you can do as an Ambassador:

(1) Submit 1 more URL every day

This explains itself, you can submit an additional
URL every day :)

(2) Get 25 more PR links per submission

Authority links have become very important.
If you don't have links from PR sites, your
pages will never rank well in Google. Period.

(3) Resubmit URLs after only 3 days

Don't submit your main urls again, this is a
good feature for all your teir 2 links like web2.0
sites etc.

(4) Auto-pinging for your links (Lindexed)

Pinging your links is vital if you want
Google to find and index them. We use
a 3rd party service that we pay for, so you
don't have to (this service costs the same each
month as the small investment to join Ambassador)

(5) Access to our private Facebook group

This is where you can personally get in
touch with members of the SocialMonkee Team
and like-minded business owners and marketers.

You can ask any questions you might have on
SocialMonkee, link building, SEO in general...

We value this at a lot more than the investment
to join Ambassador, as knowlege is power, and
having people to bounce ideas off is so valuable.

(6) Access to the Social Sharing Center (powerful)

This feature works in combination with the
popular OnlyWire service. In short, it lets
you share your links to top social networks
with the push of a button, and lets real users
(other Ambassador Members) share them too.

Vital: Sharing your links on top social networks is
important but if you are the only one doing
it, there is not nearly the same power as if
a bunch of other people share your links too!

The search engines want to see that other people
love and are sharing your content, this feature
fixes that problem in spades! You can have hundreds
or even thousands of shares on Auto-Pilot using this
feature we built for Ambassador members only

Click here to learn more about about this feature.
Make sure you watch the video so you can see
this groundbreaking feature in action.

It's time to stop considering and take action.
Join hundreds of happy Ambassador members
and be part of our winning team..

Click here to upgrade now

To Your Success in Business & Life,

The SocialMonkee Team

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We use OAP to handle our permission email list. We reply
to all emails personally. We value your trust and will never
share your details with anyone. Thank you for your support.

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